Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of the tutors in this centre?

All our tutors have professional qualifications, NIE certifications as well as experience in tutoring.

How often do I get feedback from the tutors?

Feedback is given every 3 months.

What is your average class size?

Our class has a maximum of 5 students.

Are your operations affected by public holidays?

No classes will be held on public holidays.

What happens if I miss a class? Do you have class replacements?

Replacement classes will be provided if MC shown or 3 days advance notice.

Are trial lessons available?


What are the payment modes?

Cash, cheque or bank transfer. No NETS or credit cards accepted.

Are there material fees (notes and worksheets)?


Are lessons conducted during school holidays?


Is there any discount if siblings are signed up together?

Yes, 10% discount for 2nd child.

Will there be any homework?

Depends on the syllabus, to be confirmed when classes commences.

Is there any additional fees on top of the tuition fees?


Are deposits required?

No deposits, but tuition fees will be paid upfront monthly.

What happens if there are 5 weeks in the month - will there be 5 lessons?

Yes, it will be pro-rated.

Any refunds if a replacement class is missed?