Math Tuition

We have tutors for Math primary level 1 to 6. Our focus is to provide a good grasp of the foundation to students so that they are set on the right path of understanding as they build their way up to PSLE Math.

All learners have different ways of learning and retaining knowledge – our job is to ensure that our tutors engage our students in the way that suits them best, using various teaching tools.

While the end goal is for your child to be able to harness his/her learning capability and succeed in the national exams, tuition is not the means to an end. We believe that tuition serves to guide our students to achieve their maximum potential, when learning no longer becomes a chore but a constant state of mind.

There is no secret equation to mastering Math, all you need is a curious and engaged mind.

Let us help your child be curious about learning every day!

Please call us at 6569 0812 for our latest class schedule.

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